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Where is Your Strength?

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Recently health and fitness has become en vogue. Being healthy is the latest fashion craze. 


From dairy-free, sugar-free, salt-free, everything=free diets to rigorous get buff quick exercise regimes. Everyone’s running, lifting and cycling through life. But if you’re anything like me, likely chances are when everyone is getting their body right, you’re sleeping. When everyone is watching their calorie intake, you on to your fourth cupcake.


It’s not that you don’t like working out, or eating healthily (salad is one of my favourite dishes and I love fruit) but most times, you just can’t be bothered. By the time you do everything you need to do, you’re too exhausted to do anything else.


But in our weakness, that’s when God is made strong and it’s these times that I remember that I do not provide my own strength. Our strength comes from Him and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. So, I ve decided to give this fitness thing another go, knowing that even when I feel weak, God still wants me to be healthy and will give me the energy I need.


Key note:
God wants you to be as healthy as possible.


Dear God, please give me the strength in my times of weakness.


Damilola Odelola 

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