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 1 Samuel 14:13 And Jonathan climbed up on his hands and knees … ; and they fell before Jonathan.  


One  Sabbath I was stunned! “David and his men are the closest biblical examples of ninjas”. Of course my initial response was probably the same as yours, but after some study it’s hard to disagree.


In this particular story Jonathan, fed up of the philistines, decides to provoke, climb the cliff and slaughter all of the soldiers at the top. Amazing! This is some serious physical conditioning. And many of us decide it best to take the lift rather then walk the stairs.


Sometimes we assume that we, especially Adventists, should be constantly pious and reserved, which would obvious exclude moving too quickly. However the bible indicates very much the opposite. Jonathan saw it necessary to be in peak physical condition. Similarly, he saw that the best use for his powers was to carry out Gods work.


Key note:
God doesn’t rely on our input, but since He gave us the privilege, how much more could be achieved if we were ninjas for Christ.


Lord, more than being just available for you, help me to be at my best. Amen



 Jonathan Clairmont

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