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A New Terrain

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 Read Proverbs 24:16 

At least once a week I skate with my friend. She is a seasoned skater and she uses inlines, whilst I am still in the learning process and I am on quads. I’m still learning to stop, turn and change direction immediately and most of all I am still gaining confidence. She can’t teach me efficiently because we have different skates but she tells me every time, if you don’t try it you won’t ever achieve it, and when you try it you will fall, you have to fall to become better.


Even so I insisted every time on taking the easy option: skating in doors on a smooth surface as apposed to outside, and skating for 10 more minutes to avoid a hill. Until we were banned from the Centre and we had no choice but to skate down a hill because there was no other way.


Life is the same. Sometimes God leads us to a new terrain so that we can grow spiritually. Yes of course it’s difficult and the bumps a long the way might make us fall, but He wants us to stand up and skate on. Skate on and in time we will begin to grow. The first time I skated on the street I felt it was impossible, but now I can skate up hill, down hill, and best of all I can do it on my own.


Key note:
Bumps in life help us grow


I pray Lord that as I get knocked down in life that I will learn to stand in Jesus Christ. Amen



 Tiphanie Weekes

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