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The Thief on the Cross

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 He was only fighting for what he believed was right.  

In a society where the oppressive foreign government reduced many of the people to homeless poverty, the only way to fight back was to live outside the law. Stealing from the rich, keeping it for the poor–himself. He joined a band of rebel bandits and learned not only theft but violence.


But what’s wrong with violence when you’re living under military rule and you have no rights? Eventually his lifestyle led where that kind of lifestyle always ended up–brutal torture and a painful, humiliating public execution. But in the moments before he died, he caught a glimpse of a Man who lived a different kind of life: someone who fought evil with the power of love instead of violence.


He wanted to be part of this Man’s kingdom, and with his dying words he asked for mercy–and got it. He didn’t have time to change his life or clean up his act–just to ask for help.


Read Luke 23:39-43.


Lord, help us to make sure that we live our lives in a way that may be pleasing in your sight so that others can be able to see you through us. Amen.




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